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Fireproof paint spraying choose the wrong type how do
Admin:admin  Time:2013/12/31 16:25:36  Click:2770

Different types of fire-resistant coating , the thickness of the coating on the steel structure is different, and its fire resistance is not the same . Different parts of the steel structure , the different types of fire retardant paint spraying , in order to ensure the fire resistance of steel to achieve fire safety requirements . If the wrong type , even if the thickness of the coating layer is reached , it will not reach the fire safety requirements. To this end, " fireproof coatings technical specifications" section 2.0.4 clearly states: "Indoor bare steel , light steel roof and a decorative steel requirements in the following 1.5h when its fire resistance requirements , should use thin coating fireproof paint ":" outdoor hidden steel , all-steel high-rise and multi-storey steel plant when the fire resistance requirements at the time of 1.5h above should be used in thick -coated steel structure fire . "

When we examine a newspaper Yinwuzhongxin plant fireproof coatings on April 26, 2001 , found that the plant is a one storey and two-story tall plant hybrid , the provisions of refractory grade level , plant fire-resistant steel beams limit is 2.00h, fire resistance of steel columns for 3.00h. according to design requirements , this plant steel beams , steel columns of fire-resistant coating , the coating should choose thick steel structure fire , and they chose a fire-retardant materials Co., Ltd. production of steel intumescent fire retardant coating , its technical indicators , the national test results are : coating thickness 5.6mm, the fire resistance of 1.49h coating thickness in order to further clarify its coatings tested were 9:00 , steel beams . fireproof paint coating thickness averaged 0.41mm, which sprayed the thickest point is 0.66mm, only the thinnest point spraying 0.20mm. because of its fire-resistant coating to select the type does not and can not make steel beams , steel columns designed to achieve fire resistance requirements. So let it choose to adapt thick coated steel structure fire , re- spraying.

According to the above questions are finishing the practical work experience participants made reference , any questions , please timely communication , correct me.

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